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Newbuild specialize in rebuilt title vehicles that were professionally repaired & meticulously inspected by an independent State of Georgia certified inspector. Buy with confidence & save money.


  • Clean, Salvage, Rebuilt titles; What's the difference?
    Clean title means that no insurance incident has been reported, doesn't mean that no incident has occurred only that it was not reported.
    Salvage means an incident was reported and an insurance company took ownership of the vehicle.
    Rebuilt means that a previous Salvage vehicle has been fixed to manufacturer's specification, inspected by a certified state inspector and approved to be driven again.
  • Can you register, tag, insure, drive, buy and sell a rebuilt title vehicle?
    Yes! In Georgia a rebuilt title looks identical to a clean title but it has the word "Rebuilt" printed on the notes section. You treat it just like any other clean title.
  • Are Salvage and Rebuilt vehicles the same thing?
    No. You can't register, tag, insure or drive a salvage vehicle. But you can register, tag, insure and drive a rebuilt vehicle. So next time someone says both things are the same, please correct them.
  • What are some of the benefits of buying a rebuilt title vehicle?
    Huge money savings and peace of mind. Rebuilt vehicles usually sell for 10%-30% off retail. Also, you have the assurance that the vehicle was inspected by an independent state certified inspector. Unlike a clean title vehicle that you must trust the owner or bring your own mechanic for inspection.


Samples of recent rebuilds. Sorry but all already sold. Click link above to view our current inventory.

Rebuilt 2015 Mini Cooper


2015 Mini Cooper

80k miles. 1.5 Turbo Engine. 40 MPG. Panoramic sunroof. Leather interior.

This awesome Mini was listed as flood but had zero water damage. Looks like the previous owner drove over wet cement and it dried in the plastic fender wells.


2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

150k miles. 3.6L V6 Engine. Leather interior.

Front damage totaled this meticulously dealer maintained minivan. Mint inside and out. We replace the front bumper, hood and plastic parts to get this beauty back on the road.


2019 Chevrolet Silverado

58k miles. V8 engine. Solid work truck.

Damage to the rear cargo bed from the rear end impact. Replaced cargo bed, tail lights, and straighter the hitch holder to get this amazing work truck a new life. We even found a replacement for the damaged custom wheels.


2014 Mazda 6

50k miles. 2.5L. Leather interior.

We completely gutted the interior on thie Zoom Zoom to bone dry with a dehumidefier and disinfect with an ozone machine. After full process we upgraded the cloth interiors to leather.


2010 Nissan Sentra

95k miles. 2.0L Engine. Crazy clean interior.

Car was rear ended but damage was so minimal we were able to reuse the bumper cover. The only parts we replaced were a tail light, bumper support and bumper bracket.


2011 Toyota Camry

170k miles. 2.5L. Automatic. Leather interior.

Was easier to replace the driver door instead of fixing it so we found one in the same color. A new bumper cover and fender painted to match and back on the road.


2014 Scion XD

40k miles. 1.8L. Almost new

Front damage to bumper, passenger fender and headlights. The local Toyota delaer provided the bumper cover and we repainted to match. Such a nice little car to sip gas.


1997 Ford E250 Motorhome

150k miles. 5.4 V8. Motorhome.

A thing of beauty. Fully gutted the interior and upgrade all electrical, now with solar, and plumbing. Diesel heater and roof top A/C made this rebuild an amazing project.